Social Media Packages

$500  (Requires a 12 month commitment) Includes social media and brand analysis,  social media maintenance for 3 channels (not including graphic design or photo editing after initial startup), website or external calendar updates, 1 email campaign per month (without data capture upload), 1 hour of photography per month and photo storage in dropbox, analytic analysis based on what is available at no cost through social channels, google analytics.  Good for businesses with an already established social media presence and an ability to do some of their own photography.  Requires $300 start up fee for initial photography, account set up, and graphics.

$600 (requires a 6 month commitment)   Includes social media and brand analysis, social media maintenance for up to 5 channels (includes photo editing and 1 hour of graphic work per month), social media advertising on one channel, 2 email campaigns per month with data capture from website, 3 hours of photography per month, advanced analytics of social media, website and email campaigns.  Good for businesses who have established some digital presence but do not have time to maintain it.

$800 (requires a 3 month commitment)  Includes social media and brand analysis, social media maintenance of up to 5 channels, social media advertising across channels, website, menu &external calendar maintenance, SEO (including 1 blog per month, up to 2 email campaigns per month, 3 hours of photography, 2 hours of graphic work, manage print and digital ads budget, PR.  Good for buisnesses who want to outsource their marketing.